Take It Easy.

What's worse than swimming without music? It's having to fiddle with your waterproof mp3 player every five seconds while you swim!

Wetplayer has only two buttons. One is for starting the player, turning up the volume and skipping to the next song. The other one is for turning off, turning down the volume and playing the previous song again. What could be simpler? You will never have to look at your player to see you are pressing the correct button.

Wetplayer hangs as a necklace around your neck so it's never far away. The headset fits around the back of your head and around your ear. The ergonomic earplugs are designed to stay where they are, the whole time you are swimming.

That way, you can focus on the fun.

The Ultimate Waterproof MP3 Player

Before Wetplayer, there were others. But not good ones. Wetplayer is the result of one customer buying, trying and being unhappy with the quality/durability/price of other waterproof mp3 players sold by big corporations.

That can be done better, we said in 2009! And in 2011, after 2 years of research and development, the Wetplayer was born.

Wetplayer incorporates the good functionalities of other waterproof mp3 players, while leaving out the bad. And for a good price, too. Don't believe us when we say Wetplayer is the best? Check out our testimonials!

You like swimming... but you think it's boring?

Don't hesitate. A waterproof mp3 player is what you need. Time will pass more quickly and you'll grow stronger and fitter without making a conscious effort.

Order one now!


‘Wetplayer is the perfect swimming companion.’
- David Schill, UNITED KINGDOM

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